Book Review: Darrell Lewis: A Wild History: Life and Death on Victoria River Frontier

Darrell Lewis: A Wild History.

A Wild History Darrell Lewis002A Wild History is an excellent addition to our knowledge of Australia’s Northern Territory. Darrell Lewis is well qualified to write a history of this little known and remote part of northern Australia. Apart from his academic qualifications, Lewis has lived in and visited the Victoria River District for many decades. Hence he has an intimate knowledge of the landscape and of the aboriginal and European families of the district. He writes of the changes to the VRD since the coming of white settlers: the ecological changes, station owners, cattle duffers, spearings and massacres. A wild history indeed. After a recent trip through the VRD I thoroughly enjoyed reading A Wild History which has been thoroughly researched and illustrated with some great historical photos and useful uncluttered maps.

by Glenn Burns